It is a massage aimed at promoting a generalized relaxing effect. The quality of the maneuvers is chosen and adapted to the recipient's constitution.

Time: 50' Price: € 50,00


It is known that during pregnancy, the heaviness of the uterus and the pressure it exerts on the large blood vessels as well as the muscles of the pelvic floor can cause edema in the lower limbs or joints, as well as the onset of sciatic nerve pain, with consequent postural alterations, back pain, etc. The light and effective prenatal massage aims to alleviate all these issues and, why not, give a treat to the expectant mother!

Time: 50' Price: € 55,00


It is one of the most effective techniques for finding balance. Contact combined with the power of essential oils takes care of the body's health and psycho-physical balance. Essential oils exert a complete action at the energetic, mental, and physical levels. The massage mainly uses very gentle maneuvers aimed at balancing the subtle energy.

Time: 50' Price: € 65,00


It is a precious massage that comes from the wise Ayurvedic tradition. The Sama Abhyangam works on the body with a rhythmic and ritualistic sequence, using dynamic pressures and frictions, almost a "squeezing" of the body, inducing deep relaxation while accompanying the physiological detoxification process. It restores the balance of the three bodily humors (vata, pitta, kapha).

Time: 50' Price: € 70,00


It comes to Europe from the ancient Hawaiian tradition. In an ancient Hawaiian ritual, lomi lomi Nui marked and protected the transition to a new phase of life. With slow, sweeping, and enveloping movements and with a respectful intensity that mimics the waves of the Pacific, lomi lomi aims to restore harmony between the body and mind and between the individual and the surrounding environment.

Time: 50' Price: € 70,00


The Swedish decontracting massage uses intense and targeted maneuvers to search for and treat muscle contractions. It also provides a relaxing, toning, and draining effect. It reduces stress and anxiety levels, improves awareness of one's posture, and instills a sense of general well-being.

Time: 50' Price: € 70,00


Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that targets the deep structures of muscle tissue, involving the muscular fascia. The pressure is intense, and the rhythm is slow. The goal is to promote tissue release and dissolve any adhesions.

Time: 50' Price: € 70,00


It is a technique that aims to support the body in its detoxification process, mainly exerting its effects on circulation: both arterial and venous blood circulation, as well as lymphatic circulation (both true and interstitial). It is indicated for preventing and treating or supporting the treatment of main aesthetic concerns, and therefore its execution varies depending on the identified and treated concern: cellulite, localized adiposity, atonic skin tissue, discolorations, etc.

Time: 50' Price: € 70,00


Unique and ancient, it is a massage in which hot stones are the absolute protagonists. The gradual release of heat from the stones in contact with the recipient's skin during the massage releases muscle tension, promotes blood and lymphatic circulation. The massage involves using the stones, bare hands, and poses, and has such a harmonizing effect that it induces a true meditative state.

Time: 80' Price: € 90,00


LIGHT LEG MASSAGE (draining or decontracting action)| Time: 30' Price: € 40,00

BACK-NECK MASSAGE (decontracting action) | Time: 30' Price: € 40,00

FOOT MASSAGE (distensive action) | Time: 30' Price: € 40,00

FACE-HEAD MASSAGE | Time: 30' Price: € 40,00